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10/11/2021 "For Your Health" Feat Nakula Das

Smart toilets, the jailer of the future

New PH director is a vet

Desmond cole kek

Too many pot shops!

Show adam some support

Ontario susss death

Nakula Das “General of the Semen Retention Army” and a “sex guru for the modern man!

@nakuladas3 on twitter @nakula_das on instagram

Cutting the unvaccinated off the transplant list

Form to remove yourself from transplant list!ut/p/z1/dYuxDoIwFAD_qK-AAo7IoJNCitF2IQ-oTQN5JYKQ-PUimyaOd7kDBTdQhJM1OFpH2C0sVVjGBx76ycY7nYvLjudbfvTyLAp4GoBcguhvIDwQoEAJ3-6xbguXodEga2SOmHETG3zL-sUx1zyYpbv71B2SAanp67xaatz8-86rXe9hxPE5gNBUpgn0LVYvXcVvWcyc-Q!

Okanagan Health professionals

Wtf Saskachewan?

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