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11/15/2021 Terror Wave

Travis scott follow up

(Media op ed calling for him to be canceled)

Meme turns into terrorist plot

Kid kicked out of western class for not masking

It seems like we have lost the plot at this point, wearing masks and poppys at the same time while carrying a vax passport.

NFT Poppys

Billy is not amused by the nft idea

Weird ontario case numbers

I think these guys here are making shit up too! (Nat telegraph)

Here is randy debating on 195

Here is being blocked by the authoritarian neocons on the day of the vote

Here is his response to the rest of the claims

daniel bordman,

He’s a bit of an edge lord and he was recently made a fool in court.

On the other hand this is randys odysee account at this present moment.

Free can Post on the subject

I miss this jim and randy

Trudeau calls for censorship

Weird cell phone apps

Vienna brothel is giving men free hookers in exchange for a jab

Dog sniper robot

Lipid Nano particles , how Canada makes cash of the jab

Here’s proof

Lobster man gets duped!

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