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11/22/2021 "Them Vs Us"

Winterize your vagina?


Left :



Or you can stick some weed up your butt!

Jakk Tuesday’s Coverage

Polly’s doc

Opposite view, anti-anti-vaxxer

This chick is travelling around ontario and decided to drive out to kingston to mock them

Here she is mocking Kelly’s faith

It goes on and on.

Corporate media gets “harrased” (boo hoo)

Protest Coverage

Here in toronto

This was in london ontario (western ontario ethics proffessor)

It got violent in rotterdam

BC Twitter thread


At least 18 children were hospitalized and 5 people died after an SUV crashed into the Waukesha Christmas parade

And Ngo thread

Biden being weird

Mark Ruffalo supporting anal rapist Joseph rosenbaum

Pick the Pedo


London police load overwhelming being response time measured in days not mins or hours

Ritten House-Kyle Noah Pozner ( sandy hook victim, check out these weird facts )

FBI launch urgent probe after 'SMALLPOX is found in Merck facility in Philadelphia while cleaning out a freezer': Disease is so deadly samples are only supposed to be kept in two labs in the world

Here’s gates talking about it (1:47)

Horse sterilizer angle?


Protesters corner cops in garage after kyle verdict

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