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11/29/2021 Why So Serious?



Canada taps into strategic reserves to deal with massive shortage ... of maple syrup

Leave canada to buy gas - BIG FINE

Leave canada to join isis-ok

A guy from toronto doxxed a bunch of antifa doxxers and one of them is someone we’ve covered!

Essentially it’s just one guy and he had a twitter account. Emphasis on the had part

Why cause he doxxed some guys who aparently dox others.

Pedo forced to resign.

True north sneaky?


Lab worker spells help

These guys here are trying to help! (read first little bit of the lawsuit)

Queen of canada bs

These people can’t be serious

This guy definitly wasn’t serious but got spanked anyways! (mark slapinksi)

Suicide rate

Still birth

Our government is a bunch of sneaky fuckers,

Black mirror esq pattent

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