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12/13/2021 Apocalypse How?

Ont. driver leaves scene of collision, stops in intersection to eat chicken wings

This I’m afraid is not the right idea

Banning conversion therapy “sends a chilling message,” warns neuroscientist

The hero’s we don’t deserve , but desperately need right now

This guy used a fake arm to avoid a shot

It’s elaborate but, we need that kind of thinking. Thinker’s like this are blowing holes in the plot every day. Check this out,

Scientist explains mask fraud

Mike Filip “AmeriCanuck Radio”

Rant’s Derek



Brightlight - church pastors bribed

Chris sky drug dealing allegations

This document allegedly shows that Chris sky is allegedly a convicted smack dealer. Allegedly

First I saw this

Which lead me to this

Then this (it’s a part of the R. v. Brewster et al (aka ‘Asian Assassinz’) case)

It all had something to do with this.

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