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All Out Of Gum - 29/08/22

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Motorcyclist In Florida Killed After Being Hit From Behind In Tesla

Laid-Off HBO Max Execs Reveal Warner Bros. Discovery Is Killing Off Diversity and Courting ‘Middle America’

Some of the content that got green lit was so bad that hbo had to lock it in a vault and fire these people before they could pirate it!

It’s not only happening south of the boarder , this is what Corus Ent stock looks like these days

Couple Launches Libel Lawsuit Against ‘Anti-Hate’ Organization That Branded father a Transphobe

There are lots of people ang

Ray charels



Erin otool

Gerry butts has a fruiden slip in his moment of realization.


Then Trudeau came out and said it threatens our democracy!

Maxime’s take

it’s much better to support organized stuff like this than the gaggle going on down at queens park,

Become Cyborgs, Chip Your Children, Implant Brain Chips

And then here’s mr klause shwab talking about it himself

(Source article)

Transhumanisim, the new face of eugenics (start at origin)

This is what unesco is up to these days,

Don’t for get we are already kinda tied into our devices daily

U.S. tech group says Bill C-11 “must be rewritten”

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