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The Dirty Episode 30. 4/4/22


What is based?

Randy is based

This is what madonna looks like these days without the photoshop

And if you think it was just the lighting .. no, its a filter or is she’s literally a monster now??

If you would like to support the show

An early bid for most ridiculous headline of the year

It was those pesky whites again!

Because I’m not doing front dumbell raisies, I’m learning to sig heil under pressure.

Here is the article itself if you want to look at it, it will be in the shownotes.


To Protest Florida Law, Apple Announces IPhones Will Now Autocorrect Every Word To 'Gay'

Trudeau to allow use of the N-word when referring to the unvaccinated



Interview with marc clip

Marc Promo-

Is elon musk a supervillan?

This is what happened over the weekend.

So THEN , in regular supervillan fashion he wakes up and buys twitter

This is what a lithium mine looks like

Tesla skit

Elon and trans humanisim

Esoteric eddy

Rising Minority (Ft Mad max)

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