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Thunderstruck! 05/02/22

Why do we still need to protest?

From Druther’s

Towing vehichles,

Generally being storm troopers

Meanwhile in MTL, (this is an annual thing, they knew it would happen, no 800rcmp)

Christian chaplans banned from CAF? and it’s to appease the anti-racist commie crowd

No grooming standards ,

Menstrual equity was discussed in parliament this past week

Or how about the shit that’s going on in our schools?

They got a picture of the creature who was throwing eggs at the protesters in ottawa,

he ruskies are currently planning on resurecting ancient warriors to help out.

(The snickers story was real

Canada’s food industry making adjustments amid large bird flu outbreak

The jibby jabby can elicit a CD8 T-cell dominant hepatitis

Multi-Country – Acute, severe hepatitis of unknown origin in children

Bill gates farm land

And they’re flying planes into the hot pockets plants!?

Ok maybe that one just got set on fire but , here’s an article from the western standard

Despite snopes

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