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(uh) Oh Canada 04/07/22

Dan jones Canada marches:

Dan’s instagram: @dan564335

Here’s some imagry from this past week at the march

I got a lot of footage from my trip,

Here’s my entire trip rout,

But global news did this weird piece,

She’s getting destroyed but still doesn’t understand: (plug dereks video)

This happened at a prom in the states

Suplimental article ( one of the quotes was, I personally would of “walked out” )

The kids are up to some weird shit these days

These kids are pretty serious

Observations from downtown ottawa protest. (Canada day report)

SCANDAL brewing in Ontario and Canada, two doctors who fake vaxx cards!

After the march James and the Team made sure to go visit Mr Randy Hillier and here are the pics from that , you can check them in the show notes

Here’s a video of a Whale swallowing a man before we go to break.:

Dan jones Canada marches:

Dan’s instagram:

Here’s an example of what we’re up against (perpetual boosters)

Also they’re not planning on getting rid of the arrive can app (they just want you to forget about it for now)

Send A Letter To The Senate & Tell Them To Stop Bill C-11

Celine dion thread and world leaders infront of weird art

Also be on the lookout for anything weird tomorrow. They are Starting up the large hadron collider

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