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The Show Must Go On 02/28/22

Bills Going through parliment



Bill s-233 - Guaranteed livable basic income ( social credit )

(amendment to labour code to make masks permanent for federally regulated sectors

Passports lifting with caveat

Remples parliment speech

Debonking gende shit

Nukes stop climate change?

Remples article

Remples butt loosening drug advocation

Truth about WEF

Truth about great reset

Worries about american convoy

Freeland nazi ties

Ukrainian Nazis

Ukrainian president weird gay shit

This thread includes 19 quick points that will help paint the picture of what is going on

Halyna Freeland, Chrystia’s mom got soros involved in ukraine

Propaganda montage

Fake guns

Here’s Ukrainian special forces training

Here is the result of such training (watch his mag)

Here’s some actual combat footage ( no gore, I’m actually just impressed with the gunfire)

Here’s the result of that battle

The meme’s are breaking reality!

And as always, we knew this was coming:

Idiot liberals are pouring out product they already purchased in signs of solidarity

Weird sanctions :

Putin Banned from judo

Russia banned from Eurovison

Storm clouds Gathering (great resource)

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